specializes in Batch Plants, Handling Equipment and Casting Machines such as MF3, Eagle and Patio King, as an Alternative Solution to meet the growing imminent needs of Customers trying to locate Priority Parts and Quality Customer Service to keep their Concrete Equipment producing.  Not only do we offer priority parts and services to existing equipment but also new, reconditioned and used equipment for customers looking for Concrete Equipment for Pavers, Patio Stones, Erosion Stones, and Building Block Production.  Ashlar offers consulting for continuing growth, new startup suggestions, plant and batching installations, removal and upgrades, handling equipment, controls, and other concrete equipment solutions.  If you feel you are not getting what you need to keep your Machinery producing, or you are looking for options of equipment to get started, we would like the opportunity to help you.

"Ashlar Alternative" 
Also Representing Form Impianti

We continually strive to provide our Customers
with Timely Solutions and Excellent
Customer Service with old fashioned reliability
you can count on. Please do not hesitate to
give us a Call with any issues, parts or
machinery that you may have
concerning your Machinery Production.

Ashlar makes Customer Service a Priority
We strive to insure you are able to use your equipment and operate your plant
effectively for years to come!

Recondition & Upgrade "Castle Series Controller"
for Customer's MF3 above

Ashlar can offer complete PLC Automation & Controls
Packages to include NEW, Retrofit & Upgrades.
Including Old machinery upgrades from Manual Only,
Relay Control, Cam Switch, Thumbwheel,
Drum Wheels and other obsolete systems
Upgraded to Full Automation with Touch Screen Interfaces.

Portable Plants from Batching thru Casting Machinery
& Stacker Options for temporary location Production


MF3 Refurbished to Customer's Specifications & Budget
Shipped, Installed, & in Production January 2008
- - WACKER - -

Ashlar is an
Authorized Distributor
- - WAM - -
Ashlar is an
Authorized Distributor
We keep items on stock most widely used, Filters for your Baghouse, Valves, ect.
We can offer excellent Pricing from the Smallest needs to Complete Cement
Screw Augers

Batch Plant options, New, Used, Reconditioned
Installation, Programming Automation & Training

Chinese Block Plant Equipment installation
See Service Tab for more Info
- - Endura-Veyor - -
Ashlar is an Authorized Distributor
We can assist with specialty needs
and designs as requested or
just the simple replacement


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