saw the need for an Alternative Solution to meet the imminent needs of customers, the need for priority parts, and service to existing Fleming equipment.  Customers  were finding it difficult to acquire the necessary parts and service to maintain production.  There was much concern on the future usage of their equipment, upgrades, and replacement parts and the need for similar type equipment for future needs.  Ashlar has gained customer confidence and satisfaction buy fulfilling these requirements. 

     We have been serving our Customers well for many years now and keep stock on high use items.  However, if you make us aware of your specialty needs, we will make it a priority to assist you in every way we possibly can.  Some of the items we have and are making a strong effort to keep stocked or have readily available include Rubber Isolators, Feed Drawer Brushes, Agitator Pins and Shafts, Cylinder Repair Kits, Bearings, Electrical Parts, and Batching Needs.  If we do not currently have what you need in stock, we will do our best to give you an honest time frame on when you can expect what you need.  We will do everything possible to make our word good with you.  We also manufacture most of the replaceable machine components as requested per customers individual needs.  We also have many Upgrades to offer.  Since our beginning, we have purchased, rebuilt, sold and/or installed specialty equipment for several customers.  We have also assisted with different Besser installations, Batching and plant operations during start-ups.  Ashlar also offers field Technical Service, Troubleshooting, Consulting Services, Controls, Programming, Equipment, and Rebuilding.  We have offerings of casting equipment for sale and can assist with installations and start-up operations.

     We are now striving to satisfy the void that some customers have experienced and we are also striving to build a company that can be depended on.  We would like to introduce to you a few multitasking key employees at this time:  Neil Christopher III-President, Paul Eagle Jr.-Customer Service, and Shannon Web-General Manager & inside sales.  They, along with others, total many years of experience with dry cast equipment in the industry.  Our main goal is to focus on customer specific needs with our company structured to accomplish tasks in a timely manner.  As some of the combined experience has flowed from FMC, as well as other equipment manufacturers, we are in no way affiliated with Fleming Mfg. or any other equipment manufacturer.  


  Our Mission Statement
is a quality fine crafted hand cut or hewn stone.   It pertains to a specialized craftsmanship of stone showing that the craftsman took pride in his work and the quality of his trade.  We intend to serve our Customers with this same standard of specialized craftsmanship and dependable service.  This will insure the future of our Customers, both small and large.  This, in turn, insures the future of Ashlar, a company that will set a standard in excellent Customer relationship and have a lasting business future.

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